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Marillion @ Le Zénith Paris – La Villette

Last year in September I ended up in the UK, because why say no to a week-end getaway? It was about the same time I ran into a magazine that had a cover story dedicated to the British rock band … Continue reading

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Short Trip to Gdansk

After complaining that last year I boarded a plane more often than my nerves could handle, I decided that this year I should do that even before its first week has had the time to be over. So I flew … Continue reading

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Helsinki, Finland

For those of you who don’t know, though I honestly doubt there is such a person, I’ve been dreaming to move to Finland since I was 15. That’s because of HIM and my passion for their music. I think I … Continue reading

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Swedish Open 2016

And it was time for Båstad again. Famous for its parties, Båstad has a totally different meaning for me: tennis, tennis, more tennis and everything included in it like almost three weeks of hard work with amazing people, both in … Continue reading

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A Magic Night – Sânzienele

I thought I wrote about this before but apparently I didn’t, not on this blog at least. But I did write about it here, in Romanian though. I think this is one of my favourite holidays alongside St. Andrew’s Night. And … Continue reading

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