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Marillion @ Le Zénith Paris – La Villette

Last year in September I ended up in the UK, because why say no to a week-end getaway? It was about the same time I ran into a magazine that had a cover story dedicated to the British rock band … Continue reading

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Swedish Open 2017

This was my third year in Båstad. With the ATP tournament in Bucharest cancelled, I keep saying that I have to stick around in Sweden a bit longer because they have tennis tournaments here. Three of them every year: two … Continue reading

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The Voice of a Generation

I was 15 when I started listening to them. They were among the few rock bands that you could see on TV during the day. Their music spoke to my emotions, it helped me calm down my anger and understand … Continue reading

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Placebo @ Bucharest

I am a huge fan of music and a live event with a band that I like is enough to reshuffle my whole schedule, if needed, just to make it to the concert. So this is pretty much what happened … Continue reading

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I grew up here!

In between listening to rock bands on vinyl records, learning English from Cartoon Network and watching music on MTV, I used to spend a lot of time in the countryside. Yes, I went to school and other stuff too, worry … Continue reading

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