Midnight Chatter

It’s been a long and unusual Summer, yet it feels like it went away in the blink of an eye. I got my share of thunderstorms, some surprisingly in Sweden, suffered because of the heat, mostly in Sweden, went to a lot of concerts, yes, most of them in Sweden but missed the wonderful Swedish Summer days full of tennis and sunshine in Båstad. It was for the first time after three years of being there that I chose, or had to, be somewhere else.

The music of the Summer started before my holiday but carried on through it. While in Bucharest I went to see a Romanian band called The Mono Jacks. The singer of the band used to sing with another group, AB4 they were called, when I was in high school. For those times their music was quite a revelation with a special sound. The style of the new band has toned down a bit but they still speak to their audience. Lots of the songs make sense and I can relate to but since they are in Romanian I will post here one that is a bit older and in English.

Then I am going to proudly say that I got to see Billy Idol live again. It is a mystery how he is still alive after all these years and the lifestyle he had. Nevertheless he is just as charming and charismatic as he’s always been, and lucky he still has Steve Stevens by his side in the band. Yet a show is a show, will bow to that and say that Billy Idol was one very fun concert I’ve seen this Summer in Gröna Lund. Should I talk about other concerts that I’ve been to there? I would talk about Thirty Seconds to Mars but that was not really a concert, that was more like Jared Leto talking and talking and talking.

Thåström. Well, he needs no introduction for the Swedish audience and I am very happy I was initiated in his music, both his solo works and previous bands, because his show in Gröna Lund was one of the best concerts I’ve attended both this Summer and probably ever. Surprisingly simple in the most elegant way, entirely in Swedish which I didn’t find a problem, a constant hook both in the music and the voice. A bit strange from my side because beside listening and enjoying I also had to focus to understand the lyrics, but I guess this is what kept me so hooked to it all. Will leave a song below, one of his older works, for those who want to check him out.

There are no concerts on my list for the near future but cool and exciting things have already started to rise above the horizon. While still thinking about the sunshine and the sea back in Romania, living by the sea and dipping my feet in the cold waters around Stockholm is refreshing yet scary. Riding bikes on serpentine roads through the woods, chasing the sunshine away or running from the rain, watching tennis, counting stars, walks and laughs, all these show that Summer is still here and it is not yet time to spend long dark evenings in the office. Not yet. Still my mind fast-forwards to the crisp Autumn mornings and the snow. All in its time, of course, but it only shows that there is so much more to look forward to.


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