Editors @ Berns

If I were to say one word about this concert that word would be energy. That might also be because first impressions matter and Editors decided to begin their show with “Hallelujah (So Low)”, second track from their latest album “Violence”. The song is an explosion of sound and it worked perfectly to get everyone in the audience hocked.

We were in Berns, a quite impressive venue which was almost packed. As always I didn’t chose to head to the front, closer to the stage, but preferred to stand in the back in order to capture the big picture. The whole feel of the gig depends a lot on your place in the crowd. It was the first time I saw Editors live though they are old acquaintances of mine, from the good ol’ days when Bucharest had a radio station named City FM that introduced me to them by playing the song below every single hour.

“Munich” is a constant presence in my playlists and a recommendation I make to anybody who asks for some good music. They played the song, but I had to wait a while until I got to hear it. In the meantime I got to enjoy “A Ton of Love”, “No Harm” or “Blood”. People reacted differently to each song but I was pleased to see that, just like me, everybody was familiar with the tracks from the new album as they played “Violence”, Nothingness” (really like this one) or “Darkness at the Door” from it. I was really happy to hear “Sugar” and “Ocean of Night”. Tom Smith’s voice is great, it is deep and gets stuck in your mind, or it got stuck in mine. He wasn’t very chatty but took the time to say hello and thank us for being there.

The encore started with an acoustic version of “Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors”, then brought us over to the new album with “Cold” and “Magazine” just to unleash the energy of “Papillon” and finish with “Marching Orders”. I would have preferred them to end with “Papillon”, just to go out in a very loud style but the melodic softer outro of the last song calmed everybody down before we eventually decided to turn around and head to the exit.


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