The Killers @ Globen

I am happy to start this year’s posts with one about a concert. Sorry for the very long silence, I’ve been busy.

So, The Killers. Well, I’ve known them since maybe 2003-2004 but back then I didn’t pay that much attention to them because it was way cooler to listen to darker, heavier stuff. I still listen to that, and blog about it, just so you know. But I’ve missed The Killers when they visited Romania years ago, so I couldn’t miss the chance to see them now. I secured my ticket last September (concert going is a very serious activity that requires a precise agenda otherwise one might actually end up broke or, even worse, missing mandatory shows) and eagerly expected to attend my first big venue concert for 2018.

The guys don’t just sing, they put up a show, with Brandon Flowers, the singer, holding the main part. And he is great at it! A showman, not just a singer, full of energy and talented, singing and playing instruments, entertaining the audience and communicating with it, he is absolutely hypnotising. His very sparkly, bright-coloured outfits might help too, a bit. They offered us a run for our money, from the new songs that they put out in 2017, which sound a lot like The Killers but are not a failed attempt at reinventing themselves, to the older tracks that can make anybody bounce, scream and sing along. Familiar guitar sounds, catchy beats and fast paced lyrics, wonderful melancholic melodies that give you the goosebumps, all of them met in their setlist. The first flashback was offered by “Somebody Told Me” which is actually the first song I ever heard from them back when they ruled the music channels and the radio stations, alongside Franz Ferdinand. Then the whole thing just got better and better with stops like “Spaceman”, “Miss Atomic Bomb”, “Human” (which at a certain time was played on TV and the radio so many times that I ended up hating it), my favourites “Smile Like You Mean It” and “Read My Mind”, all very well received. For “The Man”, a song from their 2017 album, the audience seemed a bit uninterested but that went away fast.

I think I complained before that Globen is a venue where, if you don’t have a ticket in front of the stage,  you sit… at a rock concert… you sit. Not OK. Well, that changed at the encore, and this was the first time I saw so many people standing. And dancing. Including the girl to my left who had seen them live 6 times, they’re her favourite band and Brandon is absolutely the best. And of course, me, and pretty much everybody around, we were all standing. They enchanted us all and finished with style and grace with “When You Were Young” and “Mr. Brightside” (that has a very motion picture-like video).

I am not a Killers fan, I like them, I like them enough to go see them live again, because they sound good, they make a nice atmosphere and have a sneaky way of hitting you in the face with a hammer without you even realising, meaning that they can put very deep meaning in a silly wrapping. You consume it and then when you get home you start to think about it. There were moments when the voice was choked by the instrumental part, which instrumental part was given a hard time during the first songs by what seemed to be a little desynchronising either from the guys themselves or, most likely, from the guys with the buttons. And maybe Brandon’s voice had to suffer a bit because he just couldn’t seem to be able to stand still, not even when he had to do his part with an instrument. It really seems that he loves being on stage and he loves what he’s doing there. I recommend seeing their live show and would definitely go see them again.


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