Happy 2018!

Another year… gone, as Dumbledore would say. I usually write this post on the last day of the year that passed, but here I am now writing it on the first day of the one that just started. So maybe I should start this a bit differently.

Another year has just started. I want it to be a good one, with less war and hatred, more cooperation, understanding, kindness and peace. I hope I do not want too much, even if in the end I am watching the news every day and know what is out there, times are not always as dark as they seem. No New Year resolutions here for me, as always. I hope I can make myself a better, wiser and smarter person this year. Hopefully this way I will be capable of getting things done, whatever I will have to do. Not much changes within a night, just the date in the calendar, many things remain the same. And as always I hope to be healthy and happy, the same thought that I send to you, the one reading this. And to end it in a less serious mood, I will now also add a collage of my 2017. It was a good year to make memories.

Happy New Year!


About Diana

Rock concerts & tennis.
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