Christmas Day

Millions of voices raise carols to the sky, they’re happy and warm and so true,
But from far away the prayers do the same but they’re weeped and the voices are blue.
There are children who want a brand new toy train to go all around the bright tree,
And kids who just want some shelter from rain and some hope to be one day free.

There are lovers who walk in the snow hand in hand and look at each other in love,
And lonely hearts praying for someone to hold as sent by a force from above.
There are soldiers in war who miss their dear ones and want to go home straight away,
And people who travel around the whole World to be home with loved ones this day.

There is hope and there’s kindness in this holy night and they’re there for each on this Earth,
There’s happiness, joy and there’s love in our hearts, let’s not splatter all with sore dirt.
Take a moment to smile, to give and to be kind, but don’t take the moment for granted
Cause you’re loved and you’re warm and in this world you have everything you ever wanted.

The silence is frozen and stars fall from the skies, they brighten the world, make it white,
There’s glee and there’s prayer and peace in our minds, let’s keep them for more than tonight.
There are cats by the fire and lights in the tree and Santa is soon on his way:
Just like the ones who miss their loved ones he goes round the World on Christmas Day.


About Diana

Rock concerts & tennis.
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