10 x KajHolst @ Stockholm

Another kind of exciting world of rock concerts is offered by the fact that they are in essence a series of events where I feel comfortable. The comfort itself is given first of all by the music, the rhythm and energy it transmits and also by the people that are around. While I have the habit of writing a lot about events that draw together hundreds if not thousands of people, this time I want to focus on a different musical experience, same rock music, different vibe and a band I haven’t written about in quite a while: KajHolst.

KajHolst @ Kafé 44

They popped up in my playlist some three years ago and two years ago I saw them live for the first time. Their concerts can take place from some well known pubs in Söder to some obscure (to me) places where I’d never think I’d ever end up in, but it’s a good exercise to find cool spots to hang and listen to music, especially if this matches my taste or is somehow appealing. The audience of the concerts, most of the times made up of the same faces that you learn to recognise (and follow in case you have no idea where the actual spot of the concert is or how to get there), varies between a few of us with enough space around to feel safe and move right or left to snap a shot of the stage and the band playing on it, to more of us where skills in taking overhead photos are needed for immortalising a frame of the band. Probably one of my favourite gigs was one where we weren’t too many around: @PSB in June 2016.

KajHolst @ PSB

The vibe of this kind of concerts is not something that you encounter too often, they create a feeling of closeness where the focus falls on the music. It’s hard to talk about the music in one word since it goes from melodic guitar riffs to fast paced punk-like tracks that make it impossible to stand still. The lyrics can either be simple and go along the melody on one track to switch to something more complex for the next song or something totally crazy. I sometimes find them easy to relate to as I always try to offer each song I listen to a meaning of my own. When listening to them for the first time I kept having David Bowie in mind but the style of the music expanded to some uncharted territories for me so the sound of it all is a rather new addition to my playlist, but it’s good music hence my interest in every new track. Fortunately for me there is a new track at almost every new gig. And going back to these, besides the concert I mentioned above, my other favourite gig was a (semi)acoustic one played in Loch Ness Tavern & Pub. That was mind-blowing from the simple fact that you can hear the music differently. Different sound, different vibe, different feeling, same songs.

KajHolst @ Bar Brooklin

All in all, counted with the help of my Instagram feed, I’ve seen them live 10 times. I am already over that moment when I know I will hear all my favourite songs from them because not all of them make it in the setlist these days. After a few EPs and singles the band released an album, or part one of it (Album Part 1:Finite), I’m still waiting for part two, which means that the songs multiplied to the situation when they can’t be played all in one gig, to my disappointment. Yet again when it comes to music that I like I never have enough. Even so, Album Part 2: Infinite, if I got the name right, should pop up in Spotify at the beginning of next year, which means new songs to ponder upon, one of which I’ve had the pleasure lo listen to recently at another gig @PSB.


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