Satyricon @ Fryshuset, Stockholm

After missing their previous concert in Stockholm, because I was in Bucharest and the one in Bucharest because I was in Stockholm, it was now about time to try my best not to miss another live show of one of the best live bands out there. It’s been 8 years since I last saw them in Vienna and many things have changed both in my life since then and in their sound. One thing is for sure: I moved closer to Norway! I say that because Satyricon, a Norwegian band, play what is called Norwegian Black Metal. Throughout the years their music evolved from a lot of growling and powerful guitar riffs to melodic pieces of work curdled together in quite a complex way. I still don’t know how so many guitars can keep track of the fast pace of the songs and how Frost, the drummer, has the energy and precision to play at a mind-blowing speed. Yet again he hasn’t been named one of the best drummers in black metal for nothing.

As grim as it sounds, the band and the music itself are not something to run from, on the contrary, I’d recommend it to anybody who has the courage to take a sip out of extreme metal. However, it’s not for the faint hearted. The songs tell stories and help channel anger, yet I haven’t seen an angry person around me at any of their concerts, just a lot of people having fun and eventually a little bit too drunk. But only smiles and all ears.

This concert in Stockholm has been on my list for 6 months now, and happy I am for putting it there so long ago as it was sold out. When I actually got to the venue I also understood why it was so: it was so small, too small, in my opinion, for a band as Satyricon. They are perfectly capable of enlivening crowds of thousands, yet, there were just a few hundreds of us in front of the stage. The organisation of the event was quite poor, if you ask me: poor security, probably too many people than the capacity of the venue, a mandatory coat-drop, but everything changed once the band started playing. Satyr was as charismatic as ever and a great frontman as he always is. He talked to the audience, demanded appreciation and seemed pleased with the reactions he stirred in us. And I have to say that so was I as it is the first concert in Sweden when I see people reacting the way the audience did at the Satyricon concert: a constant murmur, people singing, clapping, screaming, asking for more in a loud manner, not waiting for the encore in a civilised and silent way. It is true that Satyr kept involving us in the show all concert long and that I’ve noticed quite a lot of foreigners around me, but even so, I wish all rock concerts would have such devoted and active participants. If I didn’t make it clear until now I am going to say it again: we had a very good reason for it to be so.

All in all the band went through their new album, old hits and they made them all sound amazing. I still can’t believe how good Repined Bastard Nation sounds live and how the guitars are so well synchronised. That song played live gives me the goosebumps. Than of course there are the moments when Satyr gets his hands on a guitar. I knew from previous experience that I must listen closely because I will not be disappointed. And I wasn’t, the guy is a maestro.

This time they included Mother North in the core of the concert and left other songs for the encore: The Pentagram Burns, Fuel for Hatred and K.I.N.G. From the new songs I totally loved To Your Brethren in the Dark and The Ghost of Rome.

As a reminiscence of my black metal days, this concert came at a moment when I didn’t know if I have the vibe for such music inside me or not. Well, it is still there and it still fits like a glove. It wasn’t long after the first chord that it all came back to me and I was able to make sense of what others would call noise. And I left there with a huge smile upon my face and a desire to see them play live again. So, tusen takk Satyricon, it was amazing!!!


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