Short Trip to Gdansk

img_5638After complaining that last year I boarded a plane more often than my nerves could handle, I decided that this year I should do that even before its first week has had the time to be over. So I flew to Gdansk. I mean, why not? RyanAir were kind enough to have tickets with 5 €, Wizz were not far behind, B&Bs have excellent location there so awaaaay I went.  Just as some of my previous journeys, I encountered a flight delay. I must admit that nothing beats a four hour flight delay for a 35 minutes flight, this time I only waited two hours for 55 minutes up in the air. The delay was caused by bad weather conditions so I really started to question whether I should depart or not. Yet, I did. I never landed on a runway covered in snow so it was interesting to see what happens in this conditions at an airport.

img_5672Once there, the trip to the city is easy: get on a train, buy a ticket on board, get off at the train station and walk 10 minutes to the city centre. Things would have been perfect but, because of the cold my phone went off and I found myself in front of all these very beautiful old buildings without an exact address of my hotel. Talking about relying on technology instead of the trusty pen and paper technique. I found it in the end as I remembered its name.

My hotel, Dom Schumannów, was no fancy luxurious five star hotel, but a great, cozy, vintage house for dwarves. Super friendly personnel, clean, great location, warm but such a small bed. During the night, however I moved, my feet were off it. But I was happy to have such a cozy place to crash at night, as somewhere around 10 o’clock in the evening I felt like retreating to my room, with a snack box from KFC and Pink Floyd, studying the picture and information on Daniel Fahrenheit that were displayed on one of the walls of my room. He is from Gdansk, I had no idea!

img_5677I didn’t have much time to look around the city but what I got to see impressed me. Its centre is clean and taken care of. The people in the restaurants and cafes are polite and friendly and ready to help those like me who want to get away from the cold. Because of this very reason, the cold, I couldn’t do my typical “wandering on random streets” – type of visit, but did find myself in front and inside St. Mary’s Church, one of the largest brick churches in the World.

My brief visit ended with a quick (and late) Polish breakfast and off I was to the airport to deal with another flight delay which allowed me to have another coffee, work on some BBC articles and watch planes take off. For now I have no other scheduled trips but don’t give me a reason… No wait, I have a few “pending”.

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