Of Snow and Politics

img_4671Today I willingly woke up really early in the morning, and without an alarm clock, which is something I rarely do and only if bribed with coffee, in order to check the US election results. About 2 minutes after checking the news I just wanted to go back to bed, fall asleep and wake up to some different news. And if I thought that was the worst part of the day, the even worse one came when I ran across opinions of intelligent people who were endorsing Trump. So instead of keeping a close eye on this I just decided to work, listen to music and above all enjoy the snow.

img_4677We’ve had almost 3 days of non-stop snow here in Stockholm, and it is pointless to say that the scenery changed overnight. And this morning at 6 o’clock I was looking out the kitchen window, waiting for my coffee to get done, and just stared in amazement at the beauty of it all. Since the first snowflakes made their way here last week I have a large smile frozen on my face and the kid in me is happy. I know I will probably get this for 5 more months (add cold bitter wind and frost to it), but never in my life have I felt sad when it snowed. Not even when it happened at the dawn of Spring. It’s beautiful and makes me happy inside. And it goes well with coffee, cinnamon cookies, hot wine and cosy beds. All I am missing is a cat for company.

img_4681But with my cup of coffee I just went back to watching the news, which I couldn’t entirely ignore and just left them playing somewhere in the background. I was super curious about the results of these elections and I enjoyed the political satire created around them, the pup culture mobilisation and the logical reasoning brought to the audiences by experts, but right now I have no idea what to expect. I will start with watching the news, it’s my job in the end, and see where that takes me. I am excited to see the response pop culture will have to this and I think that, just like the time of the war in Iraq, we will have a lot of voices singing their discontent. If we don’t than there is something terribly wrong with the World. Not that the World order isn’t somehow changing already, and I restrain myself to say that it is falling apart. I somehow img_4684want to quote the great wizard Dumbledore and say “Dark times lie ahead”, just to make everything more dramatic and because I like Harry Potter. I would also feel tempted to say: OMG, WTF? But who am I to have a say in all this? Will wait and see, and especially I will watch.

And since I so thought I would simply refuse to pay attention to this today, here I am writing a blog that sounds more like one fit for my work blog rather than my personal rantingaboutwhateverIwant page. Time to stop now and add some pictures of the pretty snow and put myself to sleep thinking of all the political satire to come and the Winter wonderland outside my window. And listen to more HIM.

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1 Response to Of Snow and Politics

  1. American Declutterer says:

    Hello Diana,
    After the shock of Tuesday, it’s taken awhile to be able to focus enough to be able to read or to respond.
    Dark days, as Dumbledore would call them, have been with us here in the US for some time, and began to build more steeply during this fourteen month long media circus of a campaign. (It might be a good idea to think of the campaign itself as a cultural product.)
    American political tensions date, at least, from the country’s division into an agrarian south whose wealth was powered by slave labor, and an industrial north whose wealth was powered by cheap, albeit “freemen’s” labor. The euphemism, “state’s rights” comes from the southern states’ political demand to be allowed to continue the trading in and employment of “sub humans.”
    A great deal of effort went into justifying and rationalizing the continuation of enslaving African blacks and their children and into the proper techniques for subduing them to avoid uprisings while getting the most labor for the least cost out of them. These efforts, to dehumanizing and to extract labor, it has been shown, were adopted and amplified upon by the Nazis in the development of concentration camps.
    Although the practice of trading in and using African slaves per se ended in the US and Great Britain ended more than a century ago, what plays out in the US to this day is a series of related dramas pitting employers and workers against each other in interminable battles over what each group’s responsibility to the other is/ or should be (while dehumanizing any people who fits into neither role) but also into the fallout from the entire human legacy of each ethnic group being taught to dehumanize, hate, fear, and begrudge each other.
    Donald Trump was born into a family that vigorously capitalized in the most flagrant way on all of this legacy of rape and dehumanization and parlayed it into a fortune. His supporters support him either because they hope to emulate his success, or because they are poor folks who truly believe that their poverty stems from too many “sub humans” receiving too much stuff at their expense.

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