An Evening with French Music

It’s been a while since I was writing my course papers in French and even longer since I was struggling to learn it. But after writing so many posts about Romanian or Swedish music, or just music in general, I think it is time to write a bit about French music as well. While growing up, people around me listened to French music, or music with French lyrics. Mom liked French tangos, I made a passion for Dalida when I was 4 or 5 but chose

to ignore it later on, the music channel MCM briefly showed French music on TV and Romanian public radio made sure we got our fair share of French music even though it was not among the most popular. When living in France I listened to the radio quite a lot but can’t say that I was impressed by what I was hearing. Going around  with friends in small pubs in Clermont Ferrand or Dijon and being the only people in the audience that weren’t family of the band didn’t help either. Only after I started gathering songs for my mom did I discover the fact that I know and like a lot of French songs. However, while living there I came across this song which is a positive mood booster:

Then of course there was Mylène Farmer, which I would have ignored if her video for XXL wouldn’t have featured a steam engine, and I am crazy about trains. “XXL” is one of my favourite songs ever.

When in high school there were a few French artists on TV and one could come to know even more if one watched M6, but MTV and VH1 were more interesting to watch. However, they did show Alizeé and In-Grid. Instead of paying attention to those, it was much more comfortable to stick my nose in my sister’s tapes and pick something up from there. That’s how I came across this:

And last, but not least, because I had to leave behind so many songs and artists, some that have already made their way into my posts, thanks to Spotify I came across Luke, and one of the few French rock’n’roll songs that I like. Enjoy listening to him below.

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