The Dancer

When all the love songs have been written, there’s nothing left to write,
And all I have are my own words to lead me through the fight,
I put them all next to the other but speaking seems so tough
When all I say and how I say it just never seems enough.

So I bring me into the battle with all I am and I
Instead of hiding in the shadow I stay there in plain sight,
Cause all I am and all I say is what you see and hear,
I stay before you whole and honest and fight on without fear.

But there’s no music to my words and you just want to dance,
You let me finish what I’m saying then turn and seek a chance
To go and dance with one that’s singing songs that you want to hear,
That weren’t written by my words on how I am and feel.

About Diana

Rock concerts & tennis.
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1 Response to The Dancer

  1. American Declutterer says:

    Powerful and true.

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