BRD Nastase Tiriac Trophy 2016 Day 1

IMG_0682I’ve been coming to this tournament since 2002…

Today was the first day for me at the tournament, for this year. I am not going to write a post for each day, relax, not that I wouldn’t want to do that, but simply because I won’t be going there every day. But just as every year, I met a cat. And enjoyed a nice coffee with a Lica cake.

IMG_0649I found the tennis park as charming as always but yet a bit sad. Everybody seems to be there: the food court looks the same, the sweets store Poiana Soarelui came again all the way from Brasov, the sports stores. The grass is green and appealing for a nice cool nap, the trees are in bloom. Yet there seems to be some sorrow in the air.

The centre court is locked for the public, the arena is just empty and that makes things seem so strange. For this year the organisers improvised a centre court, half the size of the usual one, not a spectacular view but even so, it looks nice. For the problems they faced I can say that the organisers did quite a good job.

IMG_0643Students get free entrance if they only want to watch the matches from the outside courts. No free access on the central court. That would make sense if the main arena were full but since it’s not, and it won’t be until late in the week (when free entrance won’t be available anymore, anyway) some matches today had only a few hundreds people in the audience. Pitty, I am sure the kids would have loved to see the matches on the central court.

The guys at the security are very strict: everybody sits where it is said on their ticket. It’s the first time I actually had to do that from day 1.

The tennis is as beautiful as always. Probably because it’s the last time the tournament takes place in Bucharest, a lot of people decided to join in for the games even from the earlier stages of the tournament. I think there are going to be a lot of us missing this event.

IMG_0678I went there today to see the Romanians play: Victor Hanescu and Victor Cornea in doubles, Adrian Ungur and Marius Copil in singles. Unfortunately they all lost. Now all our hopes turn to the doubles draw where Copil/Ungur and Mergea/Tecau (playing again together after a looooong break) still have a chance to make the local audience very happy.

It is strange because every year, on the last day of the tournament I would say “see you next year”. Now, as happy as I am to have the chance to watch the matches again, I can not avoid being a bit sad at the thought that there will be no next year for this tournament. Unless a miracle happens. And I have the right to hope for one.

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