Still around…

IMG_0262…though I’ve been quiet. It’s been a long while since I sat down and tried to put my thoughts in order but I think I needed a break. Let’s just say that, being Winter and all, I chose to hibernate a bit, and now that Spring is getting closer, I am slowly waking up. Of course in some parts of the world Spring is already up and running. I got a taste of it a few days ago when I made a short trip home for one of my best friends wedding. Which of course led to meeting more friends and adding up to our amazing memories together. But I had to come back from 17 degrees and a leather jacket to 3 and my winter coat. Even so, today was a beautiful day so I decided to take a walk in Södermalm. Still my favourite place in Stockholm to get lost on the streets. Unfortunately I got lost around there so often that I’m actually starting to know my way around. There are still some places though that I once found and still can’t figure out how to find them again. I really like that part of the city!

IMG_0268Work kept me quite busy these past weeks, which is good because I really like what I am doing. And I have a lot of work to do, I am not complaining. It’s fun!

Eagerly looking forward to James Bay’s concert. Just as I am scanning the adds for some other concerts just to see what good music I can treat myself to. Unfortunately I missed a great concert but these things happen, it was just bad timing. However, I did manage to go and listen to The Asrael Symphony by Josef Suk, as always in Eric Ericsonhallen in Skeppsholmen.

Tennis is on the list as well, looking forward to the outdoors tournaments except Bucharest. This year I am a bit afraid of thinking and talking about that tournament simply because… As we back home are already familiar with, the central court from the tennis park in Bucharest has been left to degrade by whoever was supposed to take care of it that now it is too dangerous to let tennis fans in. Therefore it has no authorisation for this year’s tournament. So the central court will be improvised. And the tournament owners threaten to sell the licence. And no one said it’s ok, we’ll fix it. This year should be my 14th attending the tournament, it’s a landmark and my favourite event from back home, a reason to travel back there every Spring, I don’t want it to be canceled, it would break my heart a bit if it happened.

Well, with this brief review of what I’ve been up to I can say that I am still around, will not promise I will write soon but I definitely will when I have something interesting to share.

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