Noble Minds

I mentioned some weeks ago that I had the opportunity to be in the audience for Noble Minds. Now it’s time to write a bit about it. First of all, it was quite unexpected and unplanned, but I had the advantage of my student status and took the chance to attend. You might think that you go there to increase your knowledge and steal some wisdom from some great people that have been awarded the Nobel Prize. Well, you do, but in a totally different way, at least that’s how things went for me. One thing is clear, it is not a lecture where really smart people come and preach, it’s more a discussion where really wise people share their experiences. So in between being very honoured to be there, I was also very touched and, every now and then, hilariously amused. So between talks about the cures for tropical diseases, poverty and life in authoritarian societies all of us got some pretty good lessons about life.

12360037_10205694410295840_2474829437793318767_nThe show has a very simple format: students ask questions, Laureates answer. And the anchor is Zeinab Badawi, BBC journalist, a person I am quite familiar with from work and whom I discovered to be an excellent professional. I touched a bit with journalism in my work and studies and I must say that the concept of “journalist” changes drastically once you get the opportunity to see someone like Zeinab Badawi working right under your eyes. She makes it seem so easy when in reality it takes skills and hard work, a lot of hard work.

The talks with the Laureates were juggles between specific and general questions, it showed their professional aspect but also their human side, we assisted on discussions on economics, science in general, chemistry, medicine, writing, researching, teaching, opportunity, envy and worms. As for me, I had in front of my eyes people of extreme creativity, talent and drive. I would be grateful and lucky If I get to do 1% of what any of these persons did in their lives, but I am aware that to reach that 1% I have to work hard. I had researchers under my eyes, I listened to them, but I also saw people there, and passion and love and inspiration. I will not bore you anymore, nor will I go into details about their talks. If you have 50 minutes you can watch the show below.

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