Dogs, Swings and Rock Concerts

In between my last exam and work I had the time to see Stockholm from above at night, to attend Noble Minds (post about it will come shortly), swing, walk a dog and go to a rock concert, among other things.

IMG_20151209_171217Loosing my student status makes me a bit sad, i wrote about it before. But I feel relieved not having to write any more assignments. I hope that won’t stay like this for long though now I feel like writing another thesis. Walking a dog… well, that might not be that fun when the IMG_20151211_225552dog is crazy but playing with her in the middle of the night in Humlegården was lots of fun, especially since this is my favorite park from Stockholm, so far. Swinging when it’s just 2 degrees outside was fun too, I love swings and thankfully, all parks have them. A good laugh and a glass of wine added to an amazing evening.

IMG_20151212_231018 (1)Last, but not least, the rock concert. First one for the week-end, as another one comes tomorrow. Thank you girls for the ticket, great birthday present. The concert meant seeing KajHolst again and The Nomads. Had no idea who the second band was till tonight. Funny how at home and how comfortable I feel at a concert, especially when the music is great and the company is pleasant. And there is beer, you can’t have a rock concert without a beer. Below is KajHolst’s latest video, because yes, I was there mostly to see them and they played all my favorite songs (“Matter”, “Walls” and “Road”, wrote about this before here). They’re such a boost of energy and so fun to see live. Now excuse me, I have to go find the Nomads on Spotify and start following them cause I just came across a nice band. What else to do late at night when there is a party in your building?

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