St. Andrew’s Night

Note to self: when washing a cup and drying it with a napkin, throw the latter in the bin, not the first. If by any chance you do the other way around, don’t rest amazed that you have nothing to pour coffee into.

Note to self, again: you should fly back to London, you’re out of Milky Way. Sad!

lupGoing back to serious stuff (as if I am ever  not serious), I am just writing to remind you that tonight is Saint Andrew’s Night and tomorrow is Saint Andrew, an important celebration in Romanian culture and the patron saint of my name. I wrote about it before here, so if you want to find out what it is all about, read it there. It is mainly about a beautiful Christian celebration but also about customs that are rooted in the Romanian folklore. Some sort of Halloween but less commercial and more embedded in tradition. It’s about spirits coming back to haunt the places they left behind, paying debts and suffering in agony for the evil they did during lifetime. It is about vampires and witches dancing in the woods, about deserted churches and ghosts. This is about the Gothic picture that Bram Stoker described so nicely in his book “Dracula” that yes, had Transylvania, a Romanian region, as setting for the plot. It’s a beautiful magic story, for those who believe in magic. A silly story for those who don’t and a frightening one for those who are superstitious. If you are part of the last group, I hope you ate garlic before going to bed. I am not superstitious but I do eat garlic, mainly because I find the story behind this celebration beautiful and because it is, as I said a few rows up, a day of importance to me.

Unfortunately I think reality offers more horrors than our beautiful magic stories, but I don’t want to talk about that now, I will update myself with the latest news tomorrow and probably forget all about owls, vampires, werewolves and celebrations.

Until then, happy name day to all named after Saint Andrew, Apostle of the wolves, the apprentice of St John the Baptist before being one of the 12 Disciples, bringer of Christianity to the territories that are now part of Romania. Enjoy this beautiful day in all its customs and traditions!

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