Soundtrack of a Week by the River

11206948_10205577134564020_6336462033054039190_nGoing back to London, I think it is time I make a quick review of the songs I got stuck with and that keep playing in my head and,some of them, in my Spotify playlists again and again. First, the easyest thing to do is to go back to the tennis tournament and remember all the tracks they played. Well, fortunately for me, some I have no idea what they are called, they were just not that interesting to remember. But some, 4 to be more precise, are worth mentioning. The first surprise came with the fact that they played Heroes by David Bowie after every match and after every interview with the winner, both in single and in doubles. I already wrote about it here.

Then they had the usual smile and wave song, kiss-cam, “oh my, that’s me on the big screen” song. That was Happy by Pharrell Williams. No, this one is not in my Spotify playlist. It didn’t make it there not even after they drove me crazy with playing it at the 2014 tennis tournament in Bucharest.

Another song that they used when teasing the crowd was Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars. The guys at the tournament used it when two ticket holders from the upper tier of the O2 were the lucky winners of two tickets closer to the court on the lower tier. This one really made people agitated and happier than the kiss-cam song. Not in Spotify either though it’s a fun song and it might make it there.

Then comes a song that I grew to like a lot and that they played very often. It’s a very catchy track and probably the very fact that they played it almost entirely before every match made it get stuck in my head and it will stay there. I also have to remember to check the whole discography for these guys, I might find something else that is interesting. And now that I actually watch the video I see that Noel Gallagher is actually the singer, sis & I doubted it was his voice we were hearing.

And because now I look at the pictures I took and I remember the good times I had last week watching tennis, walking the streets holding a hot cup of coffee and nervously attending my first conference, I’ve been having this song on repeat for a few days now:

This one pretty much reminds me of me trotting without a map and precise direction, with an exact idea of where and when I want to get to a certain spot but, above all, it reminds me of the bridges over the Thames and the boats going under them, daytime or nighttime, of Waterloo Pier and of the frozen Big Issue sales-girl from one of the Golden Jubilee Bridges.

Now I am really sorry I didn’t take a picture of every place that reminded me of Harry Potter. But I am almost certain I lived close to the Leaky Cauldron for a week. And I still have some songs in my head but I have no idea who sings them so I am afraid that until I run into them on the radio they will remain a mystery.

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