Coffee, wine and a walk (or London, Part 2)


Politics is everywhere

With me back in school mode, my tennis holiday is over. My time in London is not and with every day I spend here I remember why I like it. This city is full of life. But I am aware that this might happen because I moved to a place where I lived before, I even remembered how to get to my hotel and managed to take the correct exit out of the tube station, and besides that, I spent my day in Westminster University.

They make the playlist, not just pick it

They make the playlist, not just pick it

Tomorrow is a big day, I will present part of my thesis in front of people that are not my teachers and classmates so I am quite nervous about that. The funny thing is that today I actually met people with the same research interest as me, more or less.

Other than that I really miss going to the tennis matches, it’s semis day tomorrow and both our boys are playing. If they both win, which I really hope, they will play in the final against each other which would be awesome.

In other stories, I spent the evening walking around London from Oxford Circus to Waterloo, back to Embankment and home on the Bakerloo line. It’s quite cold here in London but everything seems possible after two glasses of wine. I took on the streets without a map, again, listening to my music (thanks Spotify) and eating Milky Way. I had a dilemma  there: should I eat Milky Way or Maltesers? The chocolate bar won. It’s funny because I’ve only been in London in November and, even if I was expecting it to be horribly rainy and cold, it’s been actually really nice. That might also be because I like colder weather and because I spend more than half of my time here watching tennis.

We meet again...

We meet again…

The city is in full Christmas spirit and it is awfully contagious. The special Christmas coffee drinks in the cafes are really tempting, I am really sorry I can’t drink more than two or three every day. I still think I have time to try them all. And speaking about coffee, in the past two days I bought coffee and breakfast in a very small and shabby looking boutique somewhere near Aldgate East where just the salesmen made it worth buying things there. I must say though that the sandwiches were really good and the double shot coffee was delicious. Yes, double shot coffee because the regular coffee in London is not strong enough for me. It is good but being used to the Swedish coffee… And this morning, when asking for a coffee, the man who handled my order remembered that I want a double shot late with no sugar, darling (read this with a British accent).

Regent Street

Regent Street

A few days ago when ordering my breakfast I was a gorgeous lilly. And all the men ordering were “sir”. Besides their good products, they sure know how to make themselves liked by customers and they have plenty of those. One morning there were 5 of us in the queue. All of us got out of the shop with what we ordered in about two minutes, and I think there were only 3 men working behind the counter. If I ever go around there I will surely pay them a visit and have my breakfast at their place.

I’ve been in London for the first time 3 years ago. After returning home I decided to apply for a Masters programme in Stockholm which now led me here again. It is, in a way, amazing because here I was tonight, under the London Eye, listening to Big Ben strike 21 hours, watching the water and the lights just as I did 3 years ago. The difference is that 3 years ago I ended up doing that by accident, now I went there with this purpose. And now I am in a hotel room writing this and watching BBC News. And I think I will go for the Maltesers before I doze off.

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