KajHolst @ Southside Cavern

12226446_743985785745978_1367118147_nOK, I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long: finally I got to see KajHolst live! I missed a lot of their concerts mostly because I’ve been working like crazy for my thesis or I’ve been busy with tennis. It’s hard to split myself between tennis and music, if that were possible I know I would do it. How I ran into this band, well, that is a long story. Just to put it short I should say that I know good music when I hear it. So for someone who wants to have some fun and enjoy some good music, please give them a try. I did write about them before here, but that was based only on what I’ve been listening to on Spotify and watching on YouTube.  Seeing them live changes things a bit but it only makes them better. They sound good and I definitely enjoyed listening to them. It is also quite fun to go to a concert where you know almost all the lyrics and you can sing along. As messy as someone said that this concert was, it was an energy boost and proof that some people really enjoy what they are doing.

The concert started with a preview of the next single, or next release, have no idea if it is going to be the next single, actually, and carried on with some songs that I knew and some that I haven’t heard before. I really liked the atmosphere when they played “Toy” . I can’t really decide but I guess this was my favorite moment of the evening. I wish they played longer though. Some of my favorite songs from them are “Matter”, “Road” or “Walls”, not all of them were played tonight. Maybe next time, I sure hope I will be there to see them again.

I will leave you below with their latest video. Enjoy!



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