James Bay and His Beautiful Music

The music freak in me strikes again! This time: James Bay. I think everybody knows “Hold Back the River”. Even though radios and TV stations were playing it like crazy, this time last year I was ignoring this song  until I had the patience to actually listen to it. And I fell in love totally and completely. 

Coming back to Sweden meant that I could take full time and full speed advantage of my Spotify account, which I did almost instantly. And one of the first artists I stopped to was James Bay. Practically all Spring and all Summer long I’ve been listening to his songs till I learned them by heart. I was very happy when they played “Hold Back the River” at Swedish Open during the changeovers. I also took the time to listen to live and acoustic versions of the songs and ended up wanting to see James Bay live. Unfortunately for me, two weeks of not checking his official website for the tour dates led to me missing his concert in Stockholm last week. It was already sold out when I heard about it. I even dreamt I went to one of his concerts and it was amazing. Well, I am getting a second chance in March, and this time I will not miss it. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 9 AM and I will make sure I get one. Until then I am going to enjoy his latest video that came out today. Watch it below. (Isn’t it funny that 90% of the audience in the video is made out of girls? Wish I were one of them!)


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