In the Headlines Today: Love of My Life Dilemma

IMG_20150923_173005In between watching the news, filing invoices and updating websites, I take the time to go to my Swedish classes twice a week (for now), classes which I absolutely love and which give me the most pleasant headaches I ever had, or I take the time to just reflect on the World. It is amazing that when I am not at work, like, during the week-ends, I still go online to read the latest news because being up to date with World issues became some sort of addiction. I’ve subscribed on Facebook to all TV channels that are of my interest so, if a bomb goes off I  know almost instantly. And unfortunately I do. Because that is pretty much what comes up in the news these days: bombs going off. From Syria being bombed, to terrorist attacks, to killings at a peaceful rally or shootings in a school, an explosion at a chemical plant, there is no happy news. Not in the headlines at least. So it takes a lot of strength to watch the news. At a certain point it becomes a reflex but sometimes it is simply impossible to stay indifferent to what you watch. It’s like you live in a bubble when you have no idea what is happening in the World, and a lot of people don’t. On the other hand if you get too much into this, it can bring you down harder than you think.  As any other things, a middle way would be ideal. But when your professional interest spins around the news and what comes up in them, well, sad or not, you get over the depressive stuff and you try to understand the World or, to be more precise, the way it is being presented in news narratives, because in the end, if you probably draw a line, there are more happy things in this World and more love than news bulletins show. Yet the World is not pink. It is not as gray as it is pictured either. It’s a lovely blend of all the colors. And I have no idea why I am talking about this because when I sat down to write this post I actually wanted to say a few words about something that I love writing about a lot, music, and a bit about U2. Yet writing led me here. May be because of my fever, I am becoming delirious. Or just loosing trace of my thoughts. Or these things just needed to come out in the open. It’s a bit of a personal post that was supposed to discuss my biggest passion, one of them at least, maybe even the love of my life. But yet again I can’t realize if the love of my life is music or tennis. I guess it depends on who’s playing.

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