Musical Week-end, Happy Me

Surprisingly and unintentionally, this has been a week-end full of music. Starting with the Europe concert on Friday, (you can read about it here), the week-end kicked off on a rock tempo, carried on the same on Saturday and ended melodically yet full on energy on Sunday.


Let’s Say We Did

Saturday evening I ended up with a friend in Restaurang Landed, at Telefonplan. The idea was to see a band she liked, The Wave Pictures, have some beer and enjoy. The really small bar on the first floor hosted probably 50 people. My shock came with the first riffs of the opening act: the Swedish band Let’s Say We Did. They were simply great for that small concert atmosphere. They called us closer to the stage, so we were practically 2 meters away from them and were able to fully enjoy their music. It’s times like this when you are happy you are in such a small venue with people who really come there for the music but you also wonder why they can’t play for a larger audience (maybe they do that other times?), simply because their music deserves a wider public. So of course that now I follow them on Facebook and I listen to them on Spotify. Apparently they’ve been around since 2008, and already have released two albums and a couple of singles. And they’ve been quite nice to listen to.

The headliners, The Wave Pictures, come from the UK. They do a good job on stage and sound harmonious given the fact that there are just 3 guys playing in the band. They were full of humor and very friendly and communicative. Unfortunately they couldn’t play too long, or better said they weren’t allowed to have a longer setlist because of location regulations. However, after the concert they just took the time to hang and chat with people.

IMG_20150927_181738The week-end ended with a classical music concert in Eric Ericsonhallen in Skeppsholmen. The event was named “Sinfonia Antartica” and the pieces the orchestra interpreted were Gustav Holst – The Perfect Fool (Ballet Music), Edward Edgar – Sea Pictures (with Amelie Fleetwood as soloist) and Ralph Vaughan Williams – Sinfonia Antartica. A totally different sound compared to the previous two concerts that I attended but not less exciting. The music was simply beautiful. And after the concert was over and I had to rush home, I came across a beautiful sunset above the city. Yes, I was in a hurry but I took the time to snap a picture. Music and week-ends go amazing together. Add sunsets and coffee and it’s even better. Walks too. But now it’s Monday time…

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