More Music Please

IMG_20150804_193353After almost 3 weeks of having my life wrapped around tennis, now I can say that my life is wrapped around music, in every possible way. I don’t think there has been a day when I didn’t get stuck on a song or when I didn’t think about how to deal with the empirical material for my thesis which is made out of, exactly, songs.

IMG_20150803_232213First thing is first, I have to talk about the latest concert I’ve been to: Lenny Kravitz. His gig in Gröna Lund was wow! I have never seen so much harmony between the artists performing on stage than I’ve seen in those 90 minutes. They played with every song they performed, they were full of energy and all smiles. And I really had no idea Lenny Kravitz was 51, but why am I so amazed? He’s been on TV ever since I was 10 and that was quite a long time ago. I really wanted to hear “Again” but they didn’t play it. However they went through a lot of songs, they interacted with the audience and got everybody involved in the show, they impressed with ballads and raised spirits. It was a very good example of rock meeting soul, not just genre-wise but feeling-wise as well.

Leaving the live music aside, because I am trying to, and have to keep myself as busy as possible, I’ve been listening to music when I afford a short walk on my way home or wherever. And because Stockholm spoiled me with amazing evenings, I’ve had quite a few good reasons to stay on the streets. There were quite a few thunder storms around here, quite unusual some might say, nevertheless very beautiful.

IMG_20150803_230109But the nights are getting longer and I begin to consider precious every bit of sunshine that I can get. So in between a Summer rain, a rainbow and a bit of sunshine I just stick to my earphones and my playlists and I enjoy. Below is the song that has been on repeat all day today.

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