Let’s Talk about Music

Though most posts I publish have had some music clips or were about concerts, it’s been quite a while since I actually wrote something on what I think about music. Because I got to enjoy Spotify a lot lately, I’ve listened to a lot of great songs I already knew and discovered some really nice new tracks. I am going to do a brief presentation of some songs that I came to enjoy, some a bit more than others, some close to an obsession. Will start, of course, with HIM. Not because they put something new out but simply because I absolutely love this track, can never get enough of it and, though the ice-version of the music video might be a bit more artistic, the 13th floor version is what got me hooked to the song and the band. Plus, though the movie wasn’t a success, it is actually quite good, you should give it a try. Above all, it’s been 16 years since I listened to it for the first time. And they played in Romania 2 days ago and I wasn’t there…23 songs…some they didn’t play when I saw them live.

Next I will stop on something a bit more controversial, more precisely Marilyn Manson. I already talked about him a bit before when reviewing his concert in Gröna Lund. I am still quite impressed by his new album and enjoy listening to it, I like the energy it sends out and it has a pretty good sound and vibe to it. Playing with controversial topics, the “in your face” attitude that the singer has, the symbolism of his lyrics and videos are not accepted by all or are taken too serious by others. I like to look at his music as art with a message. He has the habit of pointing out some obvious issues of our modern decadent society. I don’t always agree with his ideas and form of presentation but I will not deny the quality of his music. Nor will I deny that part of this is just a marketing strategy, even so, worth giving it a try.

Now I will talk about “sweets”, a term I use for the extremely radio-friendly tracks that get stuck in my head, those annoying ear worms, pop tracks that won’t let me be, that I wake up humming, the Summer hits of the 90s, the songs that sound better when played before a tennis match rather than on my iPod. It’s the no-brainer kind of music that makes me feel good. I should post here Ace of Base or E-Type just because they are Swedish artists but instead I will stop on something I believe is worth listening to: Take That – “Kidz”. Quite a legendary band, these guys sound better to me now than they did when they were breaking hearts in the 90s. “Kidz” is a song that brings together all original members, Robbie Williams included. And don’t get me started with the message the song and video send, the youth culture, the peace message though the song has a war-music tempo.

Last for today’s entry, which is already quite long, but not least, I am going to stop on a Swedish band I accidentally came across just because Youtube has the suggestion list on the right side of the screen and just because my instincts help me find good music. All the songs from this band can be found on Spotify and they are worth listening to. They have a very old-school rock’n’roll vibe to them, perfect for the ones who are into the 80s music but an excellent example of how good music should sound like. Good to dance to or hop to, depends on how you feel, a video that gives me the impression that sometimes it’s good to not take yourself too seriously, a funny video and a good track. A spirit lifter. Just for the record, not all their tracks are like this but all sound good, trust me on this one, I know music!

Will write about music as soon as I find anything interesting to write on and I get in the mood of sharing my thoughts. Enjoy!

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