Dream Theater Rocked!

I heard about Dream Theater for the first time in 2001 during my Summer camp in Costinesti. Next to the place where we were living there were some kids listening to “Hollow Years” ten times every day, maybe even more. I really have no idea how I figured out the name of the band but I remember coming back home and questioning my brother about them. Soon after, I got a tape with more songs from various artists, tape that had “Hollow Years” on it.

In 2002, when they first played in Romania, I was too young and too far away to come and see them. The only contact I had with them was on VH1 and unfortunately they didn’t play their songs on TV too often.

I kept hearing from my brother and other people that they sound amazing live so I began wanting to see them live more and more. Of course when I heard that they were going to play in Romania this Summer I put their concert on my “to see” list. I am not the kind of person who constantly listens to their songs but I can honestly say that if I have the opportunity to see them live again tomorrow, I will be there for sure.

I was more than impressed about the fact that the concert started at 8 pm sharp but then I looked around and started asking myself: where is everybody? There were not a lot of persons around me and the ones that were there were more interested in socializing over a glass of beer than paying attention to what was happening on stage. Because of their chatty mood I had to change places a few times because they were just babbling annoyingly in my ears. Half an hour later more and more people appeared around but even so I was thinking that this band deserved a larger audience. The tickets were not really that expensive, especially if you didn’t want to stand right in front of the stage, and the 12 years gap between their first concert and this one should have been a good reason for people to show up.

Going back to the concert: it was hypnotizing! They sounded so good and I liked it so much! I simply refused to check my phone and just paid attention to what was happening on stage, both the playing and the clips showed in the background. I have no idea when it was time for the break. After it I tried to take some pictures but sorry, my phone’s camera simply refused to focus. After 10 minutes I gave up trying simply because I was spending more time looking at my phone than at the stage. The second part of the concert, though it was supposed to be longer, passed in a flash, and I soon found myself walking towards the tram with a huge smile on my face and hopping happily. That was an amazing way to spend an evening, I want to do it again!

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