DSC_4156I was on my way to school this morning, in the bus, when I noticed that the fence to the Stadium on Valhallavägen was covered with football-related stuff like t-shirts and scarves. It made sense in a way, the Swedish Championship started this past week-end but I had to reach school and check the news online to see what it was really all about. DSC_4163Yesterday was a sad day for Swedish football, a fan of the Djurgården (D.I.F.) team was beaten and died before the match with Helsingborg. There are articles written about this online, check here if you want more details. DSC_4147

As a sports fan I have a lot of respect for the athletes, the ones who are opponents as well and for their supporters. I don’t agree with violence making its way into sports events. This time things have gone, unfortunately, too far. Sports is to be enjoyed and every second of the competition should be lived to the fullest, DSC_4144it should bring happiness to our lives, not death, sorrow and grief. It should bring us together. Unfortunately not everybody has the same values.

DSC_4160After school I stopped by the Stadium and watched how people came from all directions with flowers and tokens of respect. I took some photos and I am going to publish them here because they are impressive, sad as they are. I wish this kind of events never happened, not in Sweden, not in Romania nor anywhere in the world. DSC_4165 DSC_4157 DSC_4154



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