Snowy Sweden

Remember theDSC_4078 “in-between-Winter-Spring”weather I was talking about last time? Well, that turned into a full time Winter. Which is not half bad as I haven’t seen much snow this (past?) Winter so I am enjoying this pretty much. To enjoy it even more I took a stroll through the forest this evening with my roomie and the landlord’s dog. And just to ensure you that this is serious: the cat entered the house and he’s sleeping on the sofa.

DSC_4104The sad part of all this was that when returning from school my bus got canceled so I had to wait for the next one. That wasn’t horror because it’s not that cold but when the bus got to the stop it was so crowded, I found and took the last available seat which I am sure frustrated the girl who was comfortably sharing two seats with her purse. I hope she got over it already, if not, well, I am not sorry, I had to make room for the people getting on the bus on the next stop, and yes, there were a lot.

DSC_4100Still that didn’t stop me from running through the snow in the forest after reaching home. Pretty awesome way of ending a beautiful white day and another weather forecast.

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