November Mood

Another course IMG_20131103_162647finished another final paper turned in. I hope that music can be considered a form of transnational protest. Of course this meant a night of working hard and going to bed at 4 am just to wake up the second morning to finish it all up. I work better at night, as frustrating and time consuming as it is, I taught myself to work like that and I can’t break the habit. But after this came a week-end of rest and fun stuff like meeting friends and going out for coffee. Stockholm is beautiful, even in the rain. You just have to find a warm place behind a window where you can gather up with a bunch of nice persons and talk and laugh as much as you can. Or you can just watch buses going up and down the street. Autumn has finally taken over, and not that colored warm one but the wet chilly season that announces that Winter might be just around the corner. It is strange that at 5 pm when getting out of school it is already dark. Something inside me is saying that it is just a bit too soon but I will probably get used to that in a few weeks.

TodayIMG_20131102_230109 I came from school and after a while I realized that the landlords built a fire upstairs so the whole house smells like smoke. IMG_20131104_173958This gave the place a home-ish feeling, in the end I didn’t spend all my holidays in the countryside for nothing. If only that cat were around more often.

Also this week is the last week of the tennis season so this means that starting November 12 I am going to go on YouTube and review all the important matches of 2013 and wait impatiently for the end of December when the 2014 season starts. It is not going to be nice but I know I have some wonderful things to watch until then. Another thing: this time last year I was in London and that made me feel melancholic and made me miss it a lot.

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