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Hello everybody! Sorry for being so quiet, nothing much happened since I last wrote something here. Well, ok, nothing is not the proper word to describe what’s been happening around here. A lot of stuff was or still is going on. For example I turned in my first course paper. On short, the final grade of my first course will be made of class activity plus first assignment (comparing two public lectures held at JMK Department by two guest teachers) plus a course paper in which I cheerfully wrote about Roger Federer. I hope I pass.

So I believe it is time to talk about school. I am a student at Stockholm University, happily studying Media and Communication at JMK Department (Enheten för journalistik, medier och kommunikation). Of course that after being away from school for so long I find everything here amazing, and in a way it is. First of all I have the opportunity to study something that I always wanted to, second of all, if I make a comparison between what I saw here and what I saw in Romania, the difference is huge. We barely began having classes that we woke up with guest professors. Cool! Or not. Cool because you don’t always get to hear internationally renowned teachers talking two meters in front of you, not cool because it can be very confusing having 3 new teachers talking to you in the first two weeks of school. Each has his/her own style, ideas and ways of approaching media theory so in the end there’s a bit too much information to deal with. But here comes the solution to that: write a first assignment comparing the two public lectures, that should put some order into your ideas… or prove that you didn’t exactly get it. I didn’t get my results yet so I don’t know if I got it or not. So after things calmed down and the guest left it was time to finish reading the course literature (about 5 books) and write the final assignment using a newspaper article, some news you saw on TV, anything that can be interpreted using the theoretical background we gathered in these weeks. So of course I found two brand new articles on Roger Federer and wrote about him. I hope I understood the theory and the guidelines for the paper well enough to get a passing grade.

Other exciting things: people here create all conditions for students so that you don’t want to stay home, you want to go to school: you have libraries, study rooms, public spaces with sofas and tables, lots of cafeterias, just grab a cup of coffee and a kanelbulle and start reading, writing, debating with class mates or whatever you want. The best part comes now: what better way to celebrate (at least till we get our results) Imageturning in the first paper than going out for fika with your classmates? Today we went to Citykyrkan and I had a delicious slice of Prinsesstårta. Swedish sweets rock!!

I am looking forward to the new course starting in about 10 days and I am also getting ready for my Swedish exam. Which reminds me, I have to go study now. I will come back later these days with another story that I am already knitting on.

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