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So, even though I was supposed to watch international news channels in order to do my homework properly, all last week I ended up watching Romanian TV stations. But relax, the homework issue was successfully solved, long live online TV. Going back to Romanian TV stations, all I heard was related to the problem of stray dogs and gold extraction. First issue: stray dogs. Those of you who live in or visited Romania know that stray dogs are a real problem, the streets are full of them, every block of apartments has one or two dogs, every deserted factory holds tens of dogs. Not all are cute puppies. These days the discussion went viral on Romanian television channels because of the death of a four years old boy killed by a pack of dogs. The tragic aspect of the story is both the boy’s fate and the outcome: the boy died, measures need to be taken therefore we kill the dogs. If it were that simple than probably in 30 days all cities in Romania would be stray-dogs free. My simple guess is that a few dogs will die, probably the more friendly ones who trust people and will be easily caught, and the violent wild ones will live happily and free behind the ruins of factories and abandoned buildings. I do agree that dogs do not belong on the street but I am not sure that killing them will solve the problem for various reasons that are financial, practical and strongly linked to education. However, do not for a moment think that I agree with the idea of people being killed by dogs. A really good friend of mine told me a just a few weeks ago that her elder son was attacked by dogs. No, the little guy was not injured, a man passing by sent the dogs away. However the scare was quite huge for the little man. I don’t think it’s fair that children get attacked by dogs on the streets and have to suffer the trauma of seeing a beast running towards them, because yes, a dog in rage is a beast. Even I am afraid of stray dogs. And to share my part of the story: a few years ago while walking to work, right in front of the entrance to the office, a dog tried to bite me. My luck was that it grabbed me by my winter coat, pierced it, scared me but I wasn’t bitten. I was just one of the lucky ones because in Bucharest there are tens of people going to the emergency room every day because of dog bites. Second part of my story: A few months later, me again walking to work, different job, different location. By my office building there were 3 dogs I used to feed and play with. I heard that somewhere behind the building, between some ruins, there are a lot of black dogs, quite wild and mean. One Sunday morning I found myself surrounded by 6 or 7 huge black hounds, 50 meters away from the office door and with just one man in sight some hundreds of meters away. I don’t think I would have gotten out of there without a bite if it weren’t for the 3 dogs I used to feed who got themselves between me and the hounds and offered me the opportunity to rush inside. That’s all I am going to say plus this: if you have the possibility, adopt a dog, don’t abandon and watch out when you get out on the streets.

Second issue: gold extraction in Rosia Montana using cyanide. On one hand there are the people who keep saying that they depend on working in the mine, on the other there is the potential ecological disaster caused by cyanide. Everybody knows that the consequences are drastic, the pollution is huge and the profit… Well, the profit will go to the corporation that handles the extraction which corporation is not Romanian. I think that avoiding the potential ecological disaster is more important than any money one can ever make, but unfortunately that does not apply for everybody. So last week-end Romania was the stage of massive protest against the project of gold extraction using cyanide. The protest itself was peaceful, lots of young people took part in it, some of my friends as well. There are huge amounts of money in the middle of this but I doubt that any money in the world could fix the environmental problems in Romania, not only the potential ones that can be caused by cyanide in Rosia Montana but also all the other problems caused by massive deforestation, floods, industrial pollution, pollution caused by cars and many others.

So please do excuse me if, after all this, I am a little behind with the other issues that occur in this world, I will get back to them as soon as possible.

Note to myself: when meeting a teacher on the school corridors, say hello!!!

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