Back in Business

All right people, I am back in business. Did a bit of rebranding, it only took me one year to change the name, the appearance and clean the blog up a bit but here it is. Right now I know I have a reason to write, a good reason, something else than wake up – go to work- go home – go to bed habit so maybe I’ll push myself into writing some more as I once did. OK, maybe not 3 posts every day but 3 posts a week would be decent enough, I don’t promise it though. For a brief introduction, the blog still needs cleaning, renaming and moving it a few times led to missing pictures and there are a lot of posts I have no idea what they are about. It will take a while to read all 200 posts and see which ones are worth keeping and which ones are just midnight nonsense. Also, starting from today I will go back to writing primary in English, reason why soon to come. Will try to make new categories “Romanian” and “English” so that I can filter the old posts. I am also open for suggestions though if you suggest I disappear from the blogosphere (quick reminder of today’s lecture, small teaser here as well) you might not be taken into consideration. Another thing: yes, I could have started a new blog but as you can see, if you are curios enough, this blog goes all the way back to 2006 and it’s a bit hard to just start all over again and leave behind all the stories. It might not be interesting for readers but I like to keep my stuff all in one place.

Hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing. And please do not forget my blog on tennis,, with a bit of luck there will be a new tournament to write about pretty soon. And enjoy Davis Cup week-end! Go Sweden!

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Rock concerts & tennis.
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