A Long Term Relationship

A relationship involves a lot of things, things you never thought of, things you dreamed of, things you planned carefully. For me, this relationship that I am talking about started just like all others: slowly. At first it was just something I liked, than it became something I liked very much, something I longed for. Slowly I felt a strong connection between me and HIM. It slowly became an addiction and after that it became a cult. The addiction times were hard to bare, like any other addiction. There was also a lot of chemistry, a lot of intuition, an overlapping of two different entities, a communion that filled me with the purest happiness that ever existed. I felt secure, it made me feel safe, it calmed me down, it kept me company, it taught me how to socialize , who to socialize with, it built part of my values and it taught me stuff about love like how I want to love, how I want to be loved. I think that since then it just entered my soul, I can feel it running through my veins. And just like any other relationship there were times when things became colder but the distance was never big enough for a breakage. And from time to time I can feel it there. I can put it to the test and every time I realize that it is still alive. It’s been there for 9 years. And that makes me happy.

About Diana

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